Episode 438: Re-Run Laurie Henes – NC State Women’s Head Track and Field Coach; NCAA Cross Country Championship in 2021Episode 438: Re-Run

Laurie Henes is Head Coach for Women’s Cross Country at NC State. Their team won the 2021 NCAA Cross Country title. This was the first women’s national cross country championship for NC State. Laurie was also named the 2021 USATFCCCA National Women’s Cross Country Coach of the Year. 

Laurie ran for NC State where she won a 5k national title and set school and conference records. She finished 5th place at the 1993 USATF Nationals which earned herself a spot on the 1993 World University Games. Laurie also competed at the 1996 Olympic Trials in the 10k. She joined the NC State coaching staff in 1992. 

She had a unique experience where she got to coach her daughter, Elly Henes, at NC State. Elly won the 5k NCAA national title in 2021. 

In this episode, Laurie talks about what her legacy will look like at NC State, what it was like coaching her daughter, winning the national championship last year, cultivating a strong team culture, coaching while raising kids, and so much more!

What we talked about:

3:40- Celebrating the NCAA Championship

7:10- Her philosophy on the size of the team

9:05- Developing athletes over their entire collegiate career

12:00- What the team is up to right now

14:45- Building a strong team culture

23:05- Coaching her daughter

34:05- Coaching while raising kids

41:30- What her legacy will be at NC State

44:55- Working with the athletes outside of the athletic side

50:30- Being able to read different athletes and know what they each need

53:15- How she gets her athletes excited before the race

59:30- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb

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