Episode 435: Gabbi Jennings – Running the Steeplechase Professionally for Team Boss and Adidas

Gabbi Jennings is a professional runner for Adidas and trains with Team Boss. She placed 4th at USAs this summer in the steeplechase. She represented USA at NACACs in the steeplechase this summer where she broke the meet record and won the race. Gabbi ran for Furman in college and finished her college career competing at the Olympic Trials.

She grew up in Louisiana where she won 44 state titles. That is a really fun story that she tells in this episode!

Gabbi also has a very creative side and does a lot of art and she shares about that in this episode.

Photo credit: Colin Wong

What we talked about: 

4:00- Catching up with Gabbi

9:30- Moving to Boulder

13:30- Growing up in Louisiana

23:20- Winning 44 state titles in Louisiana

31:10- Her dad’s running career

35:55- Not letting fast times intimidate her

38:35- Transitioning to professional running and training with Team Boss

52:00- Learning from Emma Coburn

53:00- Placing 4th at USAs

1:00- What’s next

1:03:35- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Portrait of an Unknown Woman

Clockwork Angels

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