Episode 110: Amanda Parrish Morgan – The Cost of Fear-Based Parenting

Amanda Parrish Morgan is a writing instructor, a marathon runner, and the mother of two. She has a new book out called Stroller.

In this conversation, we talk a lot about consumerism in parenting and how the world has led us to believe that we need all these things that we don’t really need. We also talk about fear based parenting and how our society also puts ideas in our heads that maybe we should be fearful of things that we shouldn’t actually be fearful of. Lastly, we talk a lot about raising independent kids, which is something that I really love talking about!

What we talked about:

3:00- Stroller running

7:35- Marathon training

9:15- Her book, Stroller

15:00- Consumerism in parenting

24:05- Pressure on kids

27:00- Fear-based parenting

43:45- Raising independent kids

1:00:55- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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