Episode 109: Lauren Krasnodembski – Finding Purpose in the Day to Day

Lauren Krasnodembski is a privacy attorney and the founder of the Mind Muscle Motivator, LLC. She helps high achieving women get off the hamster wheel and find their purpose and passion in life. She went through this herself in 2017 when she realized that outside of work and motherhood, she didn’t know what she was passionate about and wanted to change that. She helps other women do the same. 

I love that in this conversation, Lauren helps us to rethink how we are living our day to day lives.

What we talked about:

2:15- Introduction to Lauren

3:55- Lauren’s career and the business that she has started

6:00- Finding passion in your life

14:05- Making time for things that are important to you

16:55- How to make the mundane, everyday activities more fun

21:30- Her book

24:05- Her husband’s role in her transformation in finding her life purpose

29:30- Main message about finding your purpose

30:40- Allowing herself to take breaks

36:15- Message to working parents on balancing everything

36:50- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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