Episode 423: Chris Wehrman – Marathon Training with Chicago’s Favorite Coach and Founder of the RunBetter App

Today I have Coach Wehrman on the podcast! Chris is the founder of the RunBetter app, a Chicago Marathon broadcaster, a family law attorney and the father of 3. He is a 2:17 marathoner and ran in a couple of Olympic Trials in the marathon. He now puts his passion into coaching.

I had some great conversations with him in Chicago when I worked with him at the expo. I picked his brain a bit about my own running and I thought it would bring a great conversation to the podcast!

What we talked about:

3:25- Chris’ involvement at the Chicago Marathon

6:15- His family

8:05- The RunBetter app and his coaching

12:50- Running on the treadmill

17:50- Training for the marathon

29:00- Coaching advice

36:10- Advice to someone going into a marathon

39:25- Following a training plan

41:30- Coaching athletes to sub-3 hour marathons

52:35- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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