Episode 422: Theresa Hailey – OTQ in Chicago

Theresa Hailey ran her OTQ for 2024 at the Chicago Marathon. She ran a PR in 2:36:40. Go check out her Instagram – @runninggingerly. She has some really fun recaps over there of the entire race!

Theresa also ran in the 2020 Olympic Trials. She is a part of Oiselle’s Little Wing Project. She is an engineer with Boeing.

I loved hearing her story, her excitement for training and seeing what she can do in a race, and about how she has changed the game for herself in races with her mentality.

What we talked about:

5:30- Theresa’s background with running

6:55- Growing up with a big family

8:40- Missing the 2016 Olympic Trials in the marathon by 1 second

10:25- Theresa’s coach

11:35- Reaching her goal of qualifying for the 2020 Olympic Trials 

13:35- Her mentality going into races

19:05- Her thoughts on the new standards for 2024

21:30- Importance of having teammates

28:00- Gaining confidence ahead of the race

30:00- Recapping her race at the Chicago Marathon

33:15- Advice to people who think that they have gone out too slow in the marathon

35:00- Her career as an engineer

38:30- Being a female in a male dominated career

40:15- Biggest lessons that she learned from Chicago

43:10- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Project Hail Mary

Running While Black

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