Episode 108: Brighton Peachy – Outdoor Family Adventures

Brighton Peachy is the mother of 3 and she loves to adventure outdoors with her children. She is passionate about wilderness safety and first aid. Her husband is in his medical residency so she spends a lot of time with her kids on her own and is very passionate about still getting outdoors and adventuring and doing hard things with her kids solo.

They have converted a van into a mini camper that they take with them all around the country. She shares about that in this episode!

She has walked through a very traumatic experience with her own kids due to an accident from a distracted driver. She shares about this story in the episode. Her kids are all okay but it really changed how she looks at life.

We also chat about minimalism for families. I am also so passionate about it so it was really fun to talk to Brighton about this.

What we talked about:

4:40- Introduction to Brighton

6:10- Prioritizing being outdoors with her family

8:05- Being a minimalist

10:15- Where her passion for minimalism and the outdoors came from

13:55- Minimalism for families

23:05- The accident she was in with her kids and how it impacted her life

38:20- Her outdoor adventures with her family

39:55- Teaching her kids about first aid

46:30- Van life

49:35- Tips for camping with kids

50:50- Tips for minimalism

53:50- End of podcast questions

Show notes:



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