Episode 421: Dr. Stacy Sims – Training Through Perimenopause and Menopause

Dr. Stacy Sims is a forward thinking international exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist who aims to revolutionize exercise and nutrition and performance for women. She has contributed to so many international publications and is super well known in the sports industry. She has published over 70 peer reviewed papers, several books including the book Roar. Roar is a book for any woman who wants to learn about their cycle and how to train and race at any time of the month to your fullest potential. Stacy had the Ted Talk “Women are not Small Men”

She has a bunch of microlearning courses right now on a wide array of topics. You can learn about your menstrual cycle, iron supplements, collagen supplements, adaptogens, low energy availability, and more. Go to DrStacySims.com and use the code “Lindsey” for 20% off all of her courses.

In this episode, we focus on women who are experiencing perimenopause and menopause. We talk about how we can work with our bodies in these phases of our lives.

Check out Stacy’s Microlearning courses, use code: “LINDSEY” for 20% off!

What we talked about:

4:55- What perimenopause is

10:50- What is happening with hormones in perimenopause

12:15- Things that you can do during perimenopause to feel better

20:45- Training for a marathon through perimenopause

28:30- When to implement these changes and how to phase them in

32:30- Weight gain while going through menopause

38:40- Hormone replacement therapy

42:45- Wanting to run fast in your 30s and 40s

44:30- Adaptogens

48:15- Empowering people through menopause

54:35- Vegetables

Show notes:

Stacy’s Ted Talk

Dr. Stacy Sim’s Website

Stacy on Instagram

Stacy’s courses


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