Episode 420: Austin Miller – Running Changed my Life

I met Austin when I was in Chicago at Sid Baptista’s PYNRS Performance Streetwear Pop Up Party. 

Austin started running when he was walking through grief after his dad passed away from cancer. Early on in those days, someone introduced him to running. He shares his story and how running really changed his life. He has a big goal to break 3 hours one day. It is going to be really fun to follow him and see where his running takes him!

What we talked about:

5:20- His journey to finding running

18:45- Enjoying the process of chasing running goals

21:05- His coach and the group that he trains with

22:30- How the discipline from running has affected his life

24:30- Self help books that have had an impact on his life

27:00- What running brings to him

29:10- His Berlin Marathon running story

36:15- Goals for 2023

39:15- His race at the NYC Marathon 

42:40- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Austin on Instagram

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


The Four Agreements

Think and Grow Rich

Rich Dad Poor Dad

The Wu-Tang Manual

Minor Feelings

Crying in H Mart

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