Episode 417: Emily Sisson – American Record at the Chicago Marathon; 2:18:29

Emily Sisson just set the American Record in the marathon at the Chicago Marathon! She ran a 2:18:29. She also set the American Record in the half marathon in May! Emily is having herself a year!!

Emily is an Olympian & ran in the 2020 Olympics in the 10,000m. 

In this episode, we talked all about the Chicago Marathon, what she was thinking during the race, her mindset going into the race, if she was going after the American Record, and what is next for her. It was so much fun to catch up with Emily on this episode!

I recorded a pre Chicago Marathon interview over on Relay with Emily. So head over there if you want to hear from her before the race!

What we talked about:

4:25- Closing hard in the marathon

6:20- Not looking at her watch during the race

9:15- The instructions that the pacers received 

10:55- Mindset going into the race

12:30- Working with her pacers

13:40- Rough patches during the race

16:15- Strengthening her mindset

20:10- Molly Huddle’s mentorship to Emily

25:15- Her belief in being able to break the American Record

28:00- Being coached by Ray Treacy

32:50- Her thoughts on the 2024 Olympic trials

36:15- Her family support out on the course

45:30- What it feels like to hold an American Record

Show notes:

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