Episode 105: Arlene Pellicane – Digital Minimalism

Arlene Pellicane is the author of Screen Kids which she coauthored with Gary Chapman. She has been featured on the Today Show and Wallstreet Journal. Her mission is for you to find more happiness in your home. Arlene is the mother of 3 kids. 

In Screen Kids Gary Chapman and Arlene Pellicane will empower you with the tools you need to make positive changes. Through stories, science, and wisdom, you’ll discover how to take back your home from an over-dependence on screens. 

In this episode, we talk a lot about screen time and kids and technology. She has delayed giving her kids a phone until college.

Photo credit: Anthony Amorteguy

What we talked about:

5:15- Having a kid move out for college 

13:00- Kids and screens

24:05- Not giving her kids technology until they went off to college

30:15- Self-reliance without technology

35:00- The importance of the quiet time in your brain without your technology

36:25- The reason that she wrote her book and what it’s all about

41:55- Her one piece of advice surrounding kids and technology

43:30- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Arlene’s Website

Screen Kids

The Prayer Code

The 7 Habits of Happy Kids

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