Episode 103: Kara Forney – Founder of thebump.com & Author of Boy Moms; Collective Tales of Mothers and Sons

Kara Forney is the founder of The Bump.com. She was the former CEO of The Bump as well once it was acquired by The Knot. She has a new book out called Boy Moms, Collective Tales of Mothers and Sons. This is a book where she sheds light on todays boy mom experience through a collection of essays written by moms that speaks to the unexpected joys, challenges, and overall significance of mothering sons. This heartwarming collection that Kara has put together demonstrates what society has long told us what to expect when it comes to being a boy mom. The reality is often quite opposite of our expectations. More often than not it is an adventure filled with exquisite moments of insight and joy we never could have anticipated. All that to say it’s not always what you think it is going to be! In her book she shares stories from all types of experiences.

You know that I love to talk to a mom that is quite a few steps ahead of me! Kara’s kids are both out of the house and she talks all about that. Her kids also grew up playing a lot of video games, and guess what – that’s okay!

I hope that you enjoy my conversation with Kara!

What we talked about:

5:40- The dialogue around raising boys

7:40- Showing your emotions and how that has changed over generations

16:25- Dreaming up her book, Boy Moms

26:10- How Kara started The Bump

33:10- Stories that she heard in her book

40:00- Giving boys good mentors and examples for what they can grow into

43:00- Social media and video games

55:35- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Kara’s Website

Boy Moms

Lessons in Chemistry

Island of the Blue Dolphins

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