Episode 412: Eleanor Fulton – 3rd at 5th Ave Mile, PRs in the 800 to the 5k

Eleanor Fulton has had an incredible year on the track and roads! She is a 1500m runner but also ran the 800m and 5k this year. She has ran a personal best from distances between the 800m to the 5k this year! She ran 2:00 800m and a 15:19 5k this year. She PRed the mile at the Sir Walter Miler in 4:23 where she placed 2nd. She placed 3rd at the NYRR 5th Avenue Mile. She was 7th there last year. Her 3rd place finish was a huge deal!

Eleanor is coached by Dena Evans. She is currently unsponsored and talks about that in this episode. She also works full-time in software marketing. 

What we talked about:

3:45- Eleanor’s dog

6:10- Recapping her race at the NYRR 5th Avenue Mile

10:25- Where she draws confidence from

12:05- Changes that she has made this year that has lead to success

13:35- How Eleanor got into running

14:45- Choosing to run for the University of Washington

16:50- Training professionally after college

21:30- Racing the 800

25:15- Sponsorship

28:45- Her race at the Sir Walter Mile

30:35- Racing the mile vs. 1500m

33:10- Goals in the 5k

35:50- Her husband’s running

39:00- Travel that Eleanor did this year for track

40:00- Plans for the fall training and racing

44:00- Bouncing back from USAs after not an ideal race

50:05- Her involvement on the board at the nonprofit Go the Distance

55:05- How she met her husband

57:30- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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