Episode 101: Nellie Harden – Building Kids for Lifelong Confidence

Nellie Harden is a family, life, and leadership coach. She is the mom of 4 girls who are in their teen years. She works hard to help parents build their kid’s worth, esteem, and confidence. She focuses on raising girls but there is a lot of relevant information in this conversation about raising both girls and boys. 

In this conversation, Nellie and I talk about conversations to be having with your kids as they get into those teen years and how ultimately we are raising kids who are able to self discipline and lead successful lives once they leave your home. 

What we talked about:

4:40- Living in a small town

7:05- The decision to transition out of homeschooling

9:40- Transitioning to having big kids

12:05- Building kids up and then releasing them

23:25- Important conversations to be having with daughters

31:00- Talking to your daughters about bullies

39:00- Encouraging kids to volunteer

47:00- Instilling confidence in our youth

50:50- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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The Curious Garden

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