Episode 100: Stephany Tousignant – You’re a Really Good Mom Already

Today my guest is Stef Tousignat and we talk about all things gratitude! The biggest takeaway from this conversation is that you are already a REALLY GOOD MOM. Stef is a self proclaimed imperfect parent & gratitude nerd. She is also the author of the children’s book “The Middle of the Night Book.” She wrote this book because she felt like she was not her best self in the middle of the night when kids had her up and wanted to tackle the problem.

In this episode we also talk about thing small, unique ways that both Stef and I are good moms and I hope you will take a minute to practice that as well. What are three ways you are a really good mom or dad? Claim it and lean into it!!

Time Stamps:

5 min – Walking through anxiety with your kids

7 min- Talking about what we are good at as moms

15  min – Comparison

17 min- Parenting in community 

24  min -Bedtime/middle of the night regulation 

25 min- Starting your own gratitude practice

39 min- The juicy pause

44 min- Doing things that scare you

Show Notes:

Stef’s Website – Parent Differently

Stef’s Book – The Middle of the Night Book

Gratitude Challenge

Parent Differently Website

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