Episode 408: Returning Guest Ann Mazur – Life updates and Relay Active!

I’m so excited to have Ann Mazur back on the show today! You first heard from Ann on this show in episode 213, right after she had qualified for the Olympic Trials marathon. She was in a wave of women who all qualified at CIM and it was such a cool time in our sport seeing all those women step up and believe in themselves to make the goal of qualifying for the trials.

I’ve always loved following Ann on social media- she brings a fun presence showing runners the importance of building a yoga practice into their routine. Definitely give her a follow if you don’t already – Runners Love Yoga.

In this episode Ann gives us some updates on life after the Olympic Trials and also shares with us all about her full on cat lady status with her cat loves- Butters, Boo Boo and Little Nuggie. Those are the best names ever right??

Ann has had great apparel with her Runner’s Love Yoga brand for quite awhile now but she recently rebranded and expanded her offerings with her brand new line- Relay Active. In this conversation we talk about starting a new business and her husband and her running it together. Her husband also runs his own apparel line for cyclists called Cutaway.

I am super excited for Ann and proud of her for taking this next step in her business!

If I had to pick just one item from her collection to recommend it would be the Rachel Pocket Short. SO SO good. They are the perfect length (for me at least), they don’t ride up at all and the feel like butter. So soft. Friends, you can use the code “another” for 15% off your purchase at Relay Active! Go check it out and support Ann today!

Show Notes:

Relay Active – Code “another” for 15% off!

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