Episode 407: Sabrina De La Cruz – Olympic Trials Marathoner and New Mom Chasing Goals with Angel City Elite

Sabrina De La Cruz is a 2020 Olympic Trials Marathoner. She qualified for the Olympic Trials with her twin sister which is a really cool story that we get to hear about in this episode. We get to hear about their background with running and how ultimately they went on a different path so that they could discover themselves outside of one another.

Sabrina  is one of the founding members of Angel City Elite. The group and it’s mission were set in motion after the 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials and then accelerated after the events that sparked the social justice movement later that year. Reflecting together, each member mutually agreed on feeling little resemblance of self within the running community and wanted to create a shift of awareness and inclusion. Running has long represented opportunity, connection, vitality, and growth and the thought that members of any community would feel barred from experiencing all that this sport has to offer in unjustifiable. Angel City Elite came into motion as a collaborative effort of female elite runners looking to make a statement of representation in the running community while chasing both their athletic and personal potentials. We also had Grace Gonzales on the show (episode 368) who is another one of the founding members of Angel City Elite.

Sabrina is also a new mom so in this episode we get to hear about that and what her postpartum running has looked like and also how she is supported by her husband and her family and what her goals are. 

I loved getting to know Sabrina in this episode!

What we talked about:

5:45- Working towards qualifying for the Olympic Trials

8:10- Sabrina’s relationship with her grandpa

11:20- How Sabrina got into running

12:50- Having a twin and the comparison traps that she has fallen into

15:20- Recovering from her eating disorder

17:55- Meeting her husband

21:30- Qualifying for the Olympic Trials

24:10- Sabrina’s thoughts on the Olympic Trials standards dropping

26:25- Seeing a lack of representation in the sport of running and starting Angel City Elite

36:00- Running postpartum

43:45- Sabrina’s work

50:20- How training has changed postpartum

54:00- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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