Episode 98: Shanera Williamson – Raising Brown Children in White Spaces

Shanera Willamson is the host of the Brown Mama Bear Podcast.

I first found out about Shanera on the Donald Miller Podcast which is a business podcast. She was getting advice from him about how to go about starting this awesome community that she has created.

The community that she created is for parents raising brown children in white spaces. Shanera provides a place for parents to get the support, inspiration and input they need to raise kids who are comfortable in their skin and can passionately leave their mark on society. 

She is the mom of three daughters and after her youngest went to college she reflected on her own life and what she learned over the years of parenting and she wanted to share and help others walking through the same type of situations that she has walked through. 

Shanera says “all children deserve to grow up in an environment where they are seen, celebrated, and given the tools to succeed. The sting of racism embedded in our society can affect the confidence, self-respect, and ambition of children of color. Specifically parents of black and brown children must take steps to uproot the bias, negative stereotypes, and discrimination that threaten the physical and emotional safety of our developing young people. Ultimately, with the guidance of an engaged brown mama bear, our kids can thrive and reach their God-given potential despite the barriers that they face.”

What we talked about:

4:50- What Brown Mama Bear is

5:50- Schools, community, and what we do at home and how that impacts our kids

11:15- Teaching people based on what she learned through her parenting

17:00- Adultifying your kids

30:00- Helping people to make a change in your community

38:45- Her relationships with her kids as they are now adults

47:00- The importance of raising good kids

50:20- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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Faithful Antiracism

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You Are Special

The Summer I Turned Pretty

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