Episode 97: David Thomas – Raising Emotionally Strong Boys

David Thomas is back on the show today to talk about raising emotionally strong boys. If you haven’t listened to his first episode, go back to episode 42 from July of 2021. We talked about simply raising boys and what that looks like. In this episode, we get more in depth about the emotional side of boys and why it is important to nurture that.

David is the director of family counseling at Daystar Counseling in Nashville, TN. His brand new book, Raising Emotionally Strong Boys, is out now. He is the co-author of 8 other books including the bestselling books Wild Things and Are My Kids on Track. As a licensed therapist, he works with kids and parents on all kinds of different topics. 

He is a frequent guest on national television and podcasts and has been featured in publications including The Washington Post and USA Today.. He also has his own podcast, Raising Boys and Girls. He speaks around the county on these topics. He has 2 sons that are twins and a daughter.

What we talked about:

4:15- His most recent book and the inspiration behind writing it

9:30- The way that David was raised

10:35- Why men have difficulty showing their emotions

13:15- Handling a situation where your young boy is angry

25:10- Paying attention to the language that we use around our young boys

28:25- Processing your own emotions while working through your kids’ emotions

32:50- Projecting our own emotions on our kids

43:30- Depression in boys and how to help them cope with that

Show notes:

Raising Emotionally Strong Boys

Raising Boys and Girls Podcast

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Wild Things

Are My Kids on Track?

Daystar Counseling

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