Episode 402: Dr. Richey Hansen – Coach of the Roots Running Project

Dr. Richey Hansen is a former collegiate distance runner for UC San Diego. He has been coaching in Boulder since 2009. He is a doctor of chiropractic with a specialty in sports medicine and is also getting his MBA right now. He is the head coach at Roots Running Project. Some of his athletes include Noah Droddy, Alia Gray (who is also his wife), Frank Lara, Maggie Montoya, and the list goes on! Alia and Richey recently announced that they have a baby on the way. 

Richey is a wealth of knowledge and he was a really inspiring and interesting interview. 

What we talked about:

4:15- Getting his MBA and pivoting his career

18:00- The evolution of Roots Running Project and how it started

28:15- Starting a business

36:10- Recapping some of his athletes’ performances

55:25- Coverage of the sport

59:15- Alia’s race at the Chicago Marathon in 2021

1:04:45- His chiropractic work

1:14:55- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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Roots Running Project

Leadership Secrets of Atilla the Hun


The Art of Thinking Clearly

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