Nutrition Series Episode 5: Meghann Featherstun – Sports Dietitian & 2:56 Marathoner on Racing Your Best & Carb Loading (IHA Episode 401)

Meghann Featherstun is on the podcast today for another episode in the Nutrition for Athletes Series. Meghann is Sports Dietitian who is the founder and owner of Featherstone Nutrition. She works with athletes looking to reach their goals. Her Instagram is full of so much valuable information, if you are an athlete looking to reach your goals and want to make sure you are optimizing your nutrition and how you fuel your body on the run, make sure you go follow her @featherstonenutrition. Meghann is a 2:56 marathoner. In this episode, we talk about her own running, her business, and she gives us the low down on carb loading. 

What we talked about:

3:45- Meghann’s path to becoming a dietitian 

7:10- Dialing in your sodium intake as a runner

8:50- Carrying a handheld water bottle in marathons

14:10- Her favorite nutrition brands

15:00- Meghann’s marathoning story

37:35- Carbs for runners

46:40- Cramping during a run or race and solutions for it

50:15- Group training that she offers

52:35- End of podcast questions

Show notes:


Peak Performance

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Featherstone Nutrition Website

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