Episode 400: Gabi Rooker – 20 Minute PR at Grandma’s Marathon with an Olympic Trials Qualification

Gabi Rooker took her marathon from 2:54:57 at Grandma’s Marathon in 2021 to 2:34:57 this year at Grandma’s Marathon. This race qualified her for the Olympic Trials in the marathon. We get to hear all about that and what that looked like taking her time down by 20 minutes. She grew up as a gymnast and now works as a PA so she has a pretty nontraditional path to marathoning. It was so much fun to hear from Gabi and learn more about her!

What we talked about:

5:20- Gabi’s path to running the marathon

7:15- Her gymnastics career and how it translates to her running career

10:15- The training for her debut marathon

16:00- Her race at the 2022 Grandma’s Marathon

17:45- Her training group

21:35- Where she sees her running career going

22:35- Her race at the Eugene half marathon

24:30- Her strength training routine

29:30- What inspires her in her training

34:25- Running her easy pace easy

34:55- Her work as a PA

37:55- Travel

38:25- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Crying in H-Mart

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