Episode 398: Dakotah Lindwurm – 2022 Grandma’s Marathon Champion in 2:25:01

Dakotah Lindwurm recently won the 2022 Grandma’s Marathon. She also won the race in 2021. She ran a huge PR in 2:25:01. She also ran Boston in the spring and is gearing up to run another marathon this fall. She has a really great story where she grew up as a hockey player until her mom convinced her to run.

In this episode, Dakotah shares about her race at the Grandma’s Marathon and what that meant to her and where she sees this all going. 

What we talked about:

4:50- The plans for racing Grandma’s in future years

5:40- Her goals and intentions with doing 3 marathons in a year

6:30- Her race at the Boston Marathon in the spring

10:45- Learning to fail in her running career

12:05- Dakotah’s mom

14:20- The feeling of crossing the finish line at the Grandma’s Marathon

18:10- Thoughts looking forward to the Olympics

21:50- When she decided to run a marathon and chase post collegiate running

24:00- Smiling during races

27:35- The different mindset that she has at Grandma’s Marathon versus a major marathon

28:35- Her fueling strategy for marathons

29:15- Her sponsorship with PUMA

31:05- Her competitive edge

31:40- How she fell in love with running

36:40- When she started working with an agent

38:10- The transformation of her running career and her belief in herself

39:00- What she is looking forward to right now

40:45- Building her confidence on the world stage

42:05- End of podcast questions

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