Episode 92: Jenn Wirth – Motherhood and Mental Health

Jenn Wirth is the founder of Mom’s Maternal Health. She is the mother of two and is also a former first grade teacher. Jenn had postpartum depression when she was 4 months postpartum with her second baby and she shares her story very openly and candidly in the episode. She gives us all a safe, judgment free space to listen, learn and to reflect on our own lives. She also does that in her own community that she has created with Mom’s Maternal Health. Jenn really invites others mothers to share their stories including the good, the messy, and the emotional rollercoaster of every piece of motherhood.

I also share a bit about my own struggles with anxiety in this episode. I want you all to know that if you are walking through that in any way regardless of how old your baby or kids are, just know that you are not alone and you are not weak if you ask for help. I hope that you feel empowered by this episode of the podcast. 

What we talked about:

3:30- Mom’s Maternal Health and the work that Jenn does with that organization

7:40- Jenn’s husband advocating for her during her postpartum anxiety and depression

14:45- Taking care of your mental health

24:00- Jenn’s community that connects postpartums moms with each other

28:40- Asking for help

41:50- Accepting your feelings about various stages of your kid’s life

44:35- Social media as mothers

49:50- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Moms Maternal Health

Mama’s Virtual Village

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Simplicity Parenting

Different is Awesome

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