Nutrition Series Episode 3: Anna Turner – Breaking Down Lab Work with a Registered Dietitian (IHA Episode 395)

Today’s episode is week 3 of the nutrition series! This episode is with returning guest, Anna Turner. We are breaking down lab work in this episode. We are talking about the lab work that we should all be getting done every year as adults in addition to the lab work that we should be getting as athletes. Specifically, we break down vitamin D, iron and ferritin, Vitamin B12, magnesium. Then we do a bit of a case study with one of the athletes that I coach and that Anna works with on nutrition. 

This episode is packed with information! My hope is that with each of these episodes, you walk away with some knowledge and that you feel empowered to take control of what you can!

What we talked about:

4:15- Benefits to getting lab work done

7:55- Things to look at when getting blood work done

13:15- Stress impacting hormones and health

15:45- What information a thyroid panel gives us

17:00- Running specific levels to check

22:35- Levels of Vitamin D to look for

23:40- Bone density scans

25:35- Why strength training benefits our bone density

29:15- Iron levels

35:05- Hemoglobin

39:00- Vitamin B12

40:35- Case study about an athlete

Show notes:

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