Episode 129: Todd Aydelotte: A Historical UltraRunner…tracing history on foot

Some people run to clear their minds, others for fitness…there are so many reasons to run (or not), but have you heard of “historical ultra running?” In this episode you meet Todd Aydelotte is an ultrarunner and race director living in New York City. Todd’s unique approach to running long distances, historical ultrarunning, has been covered by media outlets all over the world. Todd has completed numerous 40, 50 and 80 mile runs to trace unique historical events and personalities — whether Edgar Allen Poe, Teddy Roosevelt, Walt Whitman, and others. 

This episode specifically looks at the only underground urban chase, which started in 2019 when Todd staged his first underground group run, the first-ever The Warriors UltraRun, which has now grown into one of the world’s largest events for fans of the iconic cult film by Walter Hill. We dive deep into that movie and more, especially since one of the Illuminate co-hosts, Emmy, will be participating in it this July. From fantasy runs to incredible history, the episode ends with a new course Todd made in 2021 when he founded the NYC Black History 50, a 50-mile run that takes runners across all five boroughs in a single day, where they can participate in live historical experiences.

Listen to learn what can happen when you deliberately cross running with experiences, especially history.  

This episode was hosted by Emmy (@dremmyb).

Show notes:

New York Burning by Jill Lepore

Bowery Mission – https://www.bowery.org/ 

Harlem Run – http://www.harlemrun.com/ 

Black Men Run – https://blackmenrun.com/

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