Nutrition Series Episode 2: Maddie Alm – The Breakdown of RED-S and Iron (IHA Episode 393)

Maddie Alm is back on the show for the nutrition series! She is a registered dietitian who was recently on the show to talk about training with Team Boss, some of her own athletic breakthroughs that she has had in 2021, and so much more! I knew that when I was going to do a nutrition series, I wanted to make sure I incorporated her into this series.

In this episode, Maddie is talking to us about RED-S, what that is, and how you can identify if you have RED-S. We go into a deep dive into iron and what levels you should be looking for in ferritin in your body and how you can increase your iron intake.

What we talked about:

5:15- Maddie’s race at the Portland Track Festival

5:45- Maddie’s experience with low iron this season

7:05- When someone should go get their iron checked

8:10- Iron levels changing while at altitude

9:05- What you are looking for when you are looking at both iron and ferritin levels

14:05- Taking vitamin c with iron

14:35- Finding an iron supplement that works for you

16:00- How long to wait for a full meal after iron

19:10: What RED-S is

23:25- What to do if you think that you have RED-S

27:50- Having a strong body image

32:35- Working with clients that don’t want to track calories or numbers

35:10- The job of a coach in regards to teaching athletes about nutrition and body image

43:45- Examples of RED-S

Show notes:

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