Episode 392: Sinclaire Johnson – USA National Champion in the 1500m Headed to the World Championships

Sinclaire Johnson just won her first US national title and is joining us on the show today!

She was last on the show on episode 282 in October of 2020. She is a 1500m NCAA champion and was last on the podcast when she had just joined the Bowerman Track Club. She has since joined the Union Athletic Club and is coached by Pete Julian. She just recently won the USATF Championships in the 1500m and is headed to the World Championships! This is her first national title and first world’s team. Earlier this season, she set a 5 second personal best in the 1500m where she ran a 3:58.

It was so much fun catching up with Sinclaire!

What we talked about:

5:40- The decision to join the Union Athletic Club

7:05- Working with Pete Julian as a coach

9:50- Making the decision to leave the Bowerman Track Club

13:00- Sinclaire’s injury last fall

16:05- Coming back from a tough year last year and learning to believe in herself

18:55- Who helped her build confidence

21:40- Athletes she looks up to on the track

25:05- Winning her first US national title

33:40- The confidence that she gained from her PR this year

36:40- What she is most looking forward to for Worlds

Show notes:

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Sinclaire on Episode 392

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