Episode 389: Sid Baptista – Creating an Inclusive Environment for Runners

Sid Baptista is an entrepreneur, a father, and the founder of PIONEERS Run Crew and PYNRS Performance Streetwear. He is passionate about making sure that running is inclusive and accessible to everybody.

We recorded this right before the Boston Marathon and he was about to set up a pop up shop for his clothing brand. He is from Boston so we talk about the Boston Marathon course. We also talk about having running groups in different parts of cities and making sure that running feels like a safe space to everyone no matter the color of their skin and accessible no matter the income of the person who wants to run. This is something that Sid is extremely passionate about which is why he started the PIONEERS Run Crew years ago.

What we talked about:

4:45- Sid’s involvement at the Boston Marathon for the run group and apparel brand that he created

7:25- How and why he started his businesses

10:30- Sid’s running journey

14:20- The problems with the Boston Marathon course

16:05- The PIONEER Run Club and his dreams for it

20:05- His podcast

21:30- Encouraging policy change

25:10- Encouraging youth to run

28:50- How others can work to diversify running

39:40- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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