Episode 88: Emily Battle – Raising Boys: Building Relationships Through Emotional Connection and Physical Activity

Emily Battle is the executive director of Let Me Run. Let Me Run is a nonprofit wellness program that inspires boys to be themselves, be active, and belong. They have a comprehensive curriculum that applies the power of running. The program encourages boys to develop their psychological, emotional, and social health in addition to their physical health. 

In this episode, we talk about the importance of this connection that they create in the community at Let Me Run. Emily is also a mom of 2 boys herself. It is a great conversation about changing the societal narrative about being a boy and a man and becoming a role model for others.

Photo credit: St John Photography

What we talked about:

4:00- Introduction to Emily

7:50- Emily’s career with NYRR

12:30- Transitioning to her career with Let Me Run

13:50- The program structure of Let Me Run

18:30- How Let Me Run helps boys understand that they can express their emotions

24:25- Boys and friendships

27:50- Teaching boys to be respectful

31:50- How running teaches the boys these life lessons

38:10- Where they are located and their expansion

41:05- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Somebody’s Daughter

Let Me Run Website

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