Episode 388: Maddie Alm – Sports Dietitian and Team Boss Athlete Talks Breakthroughs in 2021

Maddie Alm is a registered dietitian. She has her own practice called Fueling Forward and she specializes in sports nutrition for endurance athletes. She has a unique journey of her own as an average high school runner to an NCAA DI All-American to a USA Olympic Trials finalist. She had a huge year last year where she qualified for her first Olympic Trials. She was ranked 29th in the 5,000m and went on to place 12th in the final. She debuted the half marathon in 71:31 at the Houston Half. She runs with Team Boss and is coached by Joe Bosshard. 

Photo credit: @aricvhphoto

What we talked about:

5:15- Growing up in Boulder

6:35- Living in San Diego

8:05- How Maddie got into running

12:45- Walking onto the CU team

15:30- Having the confidence that she belongs

21:45- Her big year last year and what lead to that breakout

28:45- Managing her effort levels in training and racing

31:25- Training with Team Boss and being coached by Joe Bosshard

34:10- Watching Scott Fauble run the Boston Marathon

41:30- Coaching at Monarch High School

44:25- Maddie’s business, Fueling Forward

47:30- Running nutrition advice

52:50- Her Simple Start nutrition program

54:25- Change in nutrition while training for the half marathon

56:40- End of podcast questions

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