Introducing: Ready to Run Podcast with Efren Caballes, DO and Kurt Roeser, DPT

I am so excited about this episode today because we are announcing a new show in the Sandyboy Productions Podcast Network!

This is the Ready to Run Podcast hosted by Kurt Roeser, DPT (physical therapist and sub-elite long distance runner) and Efren Caballes, DO (sports medicine physician). 

The goal of their podcast is to engage in thoughtful discussions with athletes, coaches, clinicians, and researchers to share knowledge within the field of sports medicine and inspire progression in the sport of running. They hope to empower individuals to navigate injuries, reduce injury risk, optimize training and performance, and provide listeners with the tools needed to get Ready to Run!

Dr. Caballes is a recreational runner. Kurt is a 2:17 marathoner and ran in the 2020 Olympic Trials so it is really fun to have both of those perspectives as well.

I am really excited for this show because I think that it will bring a new perspective and help you walk away with some tangible information. 

This episode today is an introduction to the two of them and what their show is going to be about. The Ready to Run podcast is going to be launching this week! So make sure you go over to your favorite podcast app and subscribe to their show!

What we talked about:

5:15- Introduction to Dr. Efren Caballes

6:05- Introduction to Kurt Roeser

8:55- The why behind the Ready to Run podcast

14:30- Some guests to look forward to 

22:00- What content to expect on the podcast

24:05- The importance of periodization in training

26:10- How to find the right clinician to work with

31:40- Common running injuries they see and how to handle them

41:10- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Dr. Efren Caballes on Instagram

Kurt on Instagram

Ready to Run Podcast on Instagram

Ready to Run Website

Running Rewired

Anatomy for Runners

Strength and Conditioning for Endurance Running

Breakthrough Women’s Running

Tendinopathy: From Basic Science to Clinical Management

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