Episode 86: Katie Kovacs – Clinical Therapist on Life Transitions and Body Image

Katie Kovacs is a licensed therapist and she specializes in individual counseling and psychotherapy for both adults and children. She is known for her work in high school athletics and the reality of anxiety, perfectionism, and eating disorders. 

In this podcast, we focus on transitions, perfectionism, anxiety, handling emotion, and talking to our kids and ourselves about having a healthy relationship with our bodies and food. 

What we talked about:

6:15- Introductions to Katie’s work in therapy

10:20- Transitions with kids

14:25- Emotions

20:50- How therapy changed her life as a client

23:20- Advice that she received in grad school

27:25- Communicating about taking care of our bodies with our kids

38:05- Dealing with body changes as you age as a parent

42:55- Body image issues in sports for kids

48:35- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Kovacs Counseling


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