Episode 85: Rachael Amarante – Burnout in Motherhood

Rachael Amarante is an author, a speaker, and she has created the Awakening Motherhood Project. She talks really authentically and in a really honest way to mothers and has a passion for living life with a little less BS, more joy, and purpose. 

In this episode, we talk about burnout and ways to tackle it, choosing to unhurry yourself, and we end the episode with some favorite things that we are loving!

Rachael was on the show last summer on episode 39. We talked about finding joy in motherhood and summer sanity ideas and tips last year. Go back and check that one out!

What we talked about:

3:35- Catching up with Rachael

9:25- Burnout in motherhood

22:15- Unhurry yourself

26:35- Limiting the crutch that you lean on for anxiety

45:30- Soaking in each stage for your kids

49:15- Things that they are loving

1:00:40- The Awakening Motherhood Project

Show notes:

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