Episode 384: Scott Fauble – 7th in Boston, 2:08:52, Training with New Coach Joe Bosshard

Scott Fauble is on the show today for another bonus episode for the Boston Marathon interview series! Scott placed 7th at the Boston Marathon this year with a PR of 2:08:52. He was the top American to finish the Boston Marathon. Scott recently changed training groups and is now working with coach Joe Bosshard. In this episode, we talk about Scott’s coaching and training group change, his race at the Boston Marathon, and what he is excited about!

This is Scott’s 5th time on the show. You can also find him on episode 146, episode 166, episode 178, and episode 230. It was so fun having him back on the show after such a great race in Boston!

What we talked about:

3:40- What Scott has been up to since the Boston Marathon

5:00- Scott’s wedding

8:50- Recapping the Boston Marathon and marathon advice

15:30- Feelings after the Boston Marathon

23:35- Managing process goals versus time and place goals

24:55- Why Scott decided to work with Joe Bosshard as a coach

30:15- The decision to leave NAZ Elite

34:30- Getting out of his own way in racing

37:50- Immediate post race feelings

38:50- What he learned from Coach Ben Rosario

39:55- Where the sport of running needs to go

43:50- What is most important to him with a sponsor

51:10- Training in both Flagstaff and Boulder

51:40- End of podcast questions

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