Episode 383: Danny Mackey – Head Coach of the Brooks Beasts TC

Danny Mackey is the head coach of the Brooks Beasts. He began his pro coaching career with a handful of athletes but quickly transitioned into the first and only coach for the Brooks Beasts. Danny has coached an Olympian, a World Record Holder, an American Record Holder, a Scottish Record Holder, and 4 World Medal winners. He focuses on helping professional athletes find their paths and overcome the complexities of high performance. 

Danny talks about his career, what coaching looks like for him and being a whistleblower of the Nike Oregon Project. 

What we talked about:

5:55- Danny’s own running career

11:10- Working with athletes to prioritize running

16:10- Working with athletes that are too laser focused on running

22:30- The cold plunge that he does

27:25- Getting the job at Brooks Beasts

30:10- Working at Nike and being a whistleblower on Alberto Salazar

49:35- Getting hired as the Brooks Beasts coach

54:55- Taking matters into his own hands when he wasn’t getting coaching jobs

1:01:45- Creating a team culture at Brooks Beasts

1:06:30- Coaching a wide range of distances

1:07:55- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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