Episode 84: Kellie Syfan – Supporting Behavioral Changes

Kellie is a board certified behavior analyst. She is the founder of her own business, Applied Behavioral Happiness. At Applied Behavioral Happiness, Kellie and her team work with families to overcome challenging behavior through skill building programs and play. 

What I love about Kellie is that she approaches this with what will work with your kids, your family, your belief systems, your values. It’s not a one size fits all plan for how to handle behavior issues with your child.

Some things that we talked about in this episode were how to change behavior without forcing change in your child, when tried and true advice doesn’t work, our triggers, your child’s triggers. I walked away with some tangible skills that I am going to walk away for my own family!

I shared some real life experiences that I’ve had with my own kids that I had Kellie analyze that I thought would be helpful for people listening. 

What we talked about:

4:05- What Applied Behavioral Happiness is and what lead her to this career path

7:45- What clients are typically looking for when they work with her

10:35- When to seek out intervention for your child

11:35- Changing the behavior of a child without forcing change of your child

16:15- Discussing specific examples of kid’s behavior

22:00- Consequences versus punishments

25:20- When tried and true advice doesn’t work

32:20- Consequences of behaviors

39:30- Punishments

43:55- How to handle when our own triggers come up

50:25- Supporting other parents when you see them struggling out in public

51:55- How you can work with Kellie

53:30- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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Applied Behavioral Happiness website

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