Episode 382: Charlotte Purdue – 9th Place at the Boston Marathon

Charlotte Purdue runs for the UK and she just placed 9th at the Boston Marathon running a time of 2:25:26. Charlotte was last on the podcast on episode 190 in July of 2019 if you want to hear more of her backstory. At the 2021 London Marathon she ran a personal best time of 2:23:26 which put her at the third fastest all time British marathoner. She was running really strong and looking to make the Olympic team in Tokyo and was not selected last year. She tells us all about that experience and what her career means beyond making an Olympic team.

What we talked about:

3:55- Recapping her race at the Boston Marathon

7:30- Her goals and expectations going into the Boston Marathon

14:40- Feelings about placing 9th 

17:45- Not being selected for the Olympics

21:55- Running a PR at the London Marathon 

27:30- Running the World Championships for the marathon this summer

33:30- Pacing a marathon in Japan

37:15- Training with Sinead Diver

40:05- Her coaching business

43:10- Following American distance running

44:45- Marathon majors that she wants to run 

46:50- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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