Episode 381: Ben Rosario – Updates on NAZ Elite and New Book Run Like a Pro Even if You’re Slow

Ben Rosario has a new book out called Run Like a Pro (Even if You’re Slow) that includes some really great training plans, advice, tips, and simple ways we can incorporate useful training techniques into our training. He wrote this with Matt Fitzgerald.

Ben is the coach of NAZ Elite. We just had one of his athletes, Steph Bruce, on the podcast. They are adding so many new athletes to their roster. Ben shares what they will be focusing on in the next few years, gives us some team updates, shares about the book, and more!

What we talked about:

4:15- Catching up with Ben

8:30- Updates on NAZ Elite

15:10- What Ben envisions for the future of NAZ Elite

23:55- His book, Run Like a Pro Even if you’re Slow

43:55- Running by minutes versus miles

48:45- Having a champion mindset as a runner

55:05- Update on Steph Bruce

59:15- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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