Episode 380: Steph Bruce – Reflections on her Career and her Last Year Running Pro

Steph Bruce is on the podcast today for another bonus episode! Steph just had a great race at the Boston Marathon where she finished 12th overall and came in as the 2nd American. She ran a 2:28:02. Steph runs for NAZ Elite under coach Ben Rosario. She was diagnosed with a heart condition recently and has made the decision that this will be her last year running professionally. 

Steph has previously been on the show 5 times! She was also on episode 159, episode 207, episode 229, and episode 302.

It was so great to catch up with Steph. It has been a really great joy to follow her career of these years. Thank you Steph for all that you have done for the running community and we cannot wait to see what is next for you!

What we talked about:

6:15- Emotions about this being her last Boston Marathon 

7:50- Continuing to reach for goals even when going through really hard things

12:40- Being diagnosed with her heart condition

16:20- Her kids

18:55- Wanting more kids

21:00- Knowing it is her last year competing at the professional level

24:55- What she envisions doing after her running career and her legacy on the sport

34:50- Finding joy in each day

37:00- Who has had the greatest impact on her running career

44:00- Her upcoming racing plans

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