Episode 379: Carrie Verdon – Breakthroughs in Running for the First Grade Teacher After Some Time Off

Carrie Verdon ran her debut marathon at the Chicago Marathon this past year. She was the 5th American and 7th overall and she ran a 2:31. She ran the 5000 and the 10000 at the Olympic Trials last year. She placed 10th in the 5,000m and 27th in the 10,000m. She ran for the University of Colorado and then took a big break from running after college. She is back now training in full force and is definitely one to watch!

Carrie is a full-time teacher in Colorado. It was fun to hear from her about balancing her work as a teacher while training as a professional runner.

Carrie is coached by Lee Troop who was on the podcast last week so it’s fun to hear from one of his athletes this week!

What we talked about:

4:10- Carrie’s boyfriend and his cycling career

6:10- Carrie’s marathoning career

8:05- Her break from running after college

18:00- Deciding to train with Lee Troop when coming back to running

20:45- What she is currently training for and what her training looks like

29:05- Trusting her training

30:00- The injuries that she battled in college

36:35- Her job as a teacher

41:20- Training in Moab

42:05- Her year of racing plans

43:05- Racing at the Olympic Trials

47:30- Her recent PR in the 10k

50:10- The break that she takes after a season

51:20- Flexibility in training

53:40- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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