Episode 378: Adrianne Haslet, Boston Marathon Special Episode

Adrianne Haslet just completed the Boston Marathon! Adrianne is a Boston bombing survivor and has had an incredible journey to get to the start line of the 2022 Boston Marathon healthy. Though she lost her leg in the bombing she set out with determination and perseverance to one day complete the Boston Marathon. This was her second time completing the race but the first time completing it with a full training cycle. She completed the race in 2016 coming in last place in over 10 hours and this year completed it in 5 hours, placing fourth in the brand new Para Division that she has been a HUGE advocate for.

Over the years since the 2013 Boston Marathon, Adrianne has had massive setbacks, including getting hit by a car in 2019 which left her with some serious injuries.

In this episode Adrianne shares with us what this race meant to her, training with Shalane Flanagan and running the race side by side with her, and most importantly she reminds us to celebrate our lives – the big and the small. It all matters. It was a joy and an honor to talk with Adrianne for this podcast. What a gift she is to us all!

What we talked about:

5:00 – Adrianne’s story growing up
10:00 – Why this Boston Marathon was so important to Adrianne

23:00 – Importance of raising Iron levels for marathon training
27:00 – How Adrianne and her boyfriend Harry met
30:00- Adrianne’s dog Fred Asstair 
37:00 – Ad Spot
40:00 – 2013 Boston Marathon
44:00 – 2019 Boston Marathon Training/Car Accident 
52:00 – Not playing small in life 
1:08 – Crossing the finish line of the Boston Marathon for the third time
1:12 – Playin running and having fun in the process – Training with Shalane
1:15 – Para Division at the Boston Marathon
1:26 – Boston being the best day of Adrianne’s life
1:28 – Creating more Para 
1:30 – Limbs of Love
1:38 – End of Podcast Questions

Show Notes:
The Soul of an Octopus

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