Episode 376: Malindi Elmore – Boston Marathon (11th Place) & Olympic Marathon (9th Place) Recaps with the Canadian Marathon Record holder

Malindi Elmore is a returning guest on the show! She came on the podcast on episode 222 in January 2020 after she ran the Canadian record in the marathon. Go back and listen to that one first if you want an introduction to Malindi’s story and journey to get to marathoning success.

Malindi just ran the Boston Marathon where she placed 11th. She also ran the Olympic Marathon in Tokyo this past summer where she placed 9th! The Boston Marathon was only her fourth marathon. 

Malindi is the mother of two and at 42 she is running her fastest marathon times and really finding success in this third part of her career. She was a 1500 meter runner and represented Team Canada on the track in the Olympics in 2004 and then went on to compete in Ironman Triathlon where she found success before running her first marathon in 2019 after having their second baby.

In this episode, we talked about both her Olympic Marathon and Boston Marathon experience. She talks about her goals going into both marathons, thoughts on the Boston Marathon course, the memories that she is taking away from the Olympics, and more!

What we talked about:

3:50- Boston recap

10:30- Her goals going into the Boston marathon

13:30- Racing and training with Natasha Wodak

14:45- Being coached by her husband

19:05- Her resurgence in her running career

21:50- Her race at the 2020 Olympic Marathon

29:05- The memories that she is taking away from the 2020 Olympics

33:00- Keeping a positive mindset when things go wrong in the training

38:50- A typical day for Malindi and her family

49:10- Goal marathons that she has and the goals that she has for her running career

52:20- Advice to anyone running the Boston Marathon course

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