Episode 80: Jennifer Borget – Budgeting Goals & Movie Night

Jennifer Borget is the mom of three kids. She is a blogger and is the creator of the Movie Night Journal. She is very passionate about movie watching and they do a family movie night every week and the journal that she created gives you suggestions, activities, and snack ideas to make your family movie night perfect.

Jennifer is a former news anchor and we talked about how her life shifted after she left that career to stay home with her kids full time. 

In this conversation, we went in so many directions but one of the coolest things that we talked about was that her and her husband paid off their home in their 30s and they lived debt free. It was really cool to hear how they made that happen.

What we talked about:

2:30- Introduction to Jennifer

8:35- Her marriage with her husband

10:35- Paying off their mortgage in their 30s

25:40- Her interest in budgeting

30:35- Teaching your kids about budgeting and money

36:25- Family movie night

56:05- Talking about puberty with your kids

58:20- National movie night

1:03:25- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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