Episode 374: Julie-Anne Staehli – 2020 Olympian for Team Canada Joins Team New Balance Boston

Julie-Anne Staehli recently joined Team New Balance Boston. She is a 2020 Olympian for Team Canada in the 5,000m. She has a 14:57 5,000m PR. She also just ran on her first World Indoor Championship team this winter.

Julie-Anne has a heart for giving back to the community and is one of the cofounders of The ReRun Shoe Project, where they are working to give people across Canada a quality pair of shoes to participate in an active lifestyle.

In this episode, we talk about moving to the United States to train with Team NB Boston, growing up in a small town, her goals and dreams for her professional running career, her big breakout year last year, and so much more!

Photo credit: Michael P. Hall @mphcentral

Photo from Julie-Anne Staehli

What we talked about:

4:35- Moving to the United States to train with Team NB Boston

5:55- What her training looked like before Team NB Boston

8:55- How she builds her confidence in racing

11:20- Her experience at the World Indoor Championships

14:05- Her University experience

16:40- Creating a holistic life approach

22:10- Growing up in a small town

29:35- Training with Team NB Boston

31:10- Canadian runners that she looks up to

32:40- Deciding to stay in Canada for university

36:00- What her days look like

42:00- Her big breakout year last year

50:25- Her mentality when things get hard

52:45- The ReRun Shoe Project that she started

56:10- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Normal People by Sally Rooney

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