Episode 372: Elaina Tabb – 2nd American in Boston in 2021, Back to Hopkinton in Two Weeks

Elaina Tabb ran her debut marathon in Boston this past fall where she placed 12th and was the second American behind Nell Rojas. She ran a 2:30:33 in Boston and she is running it again in a few weeks! Elaina recently announced that she is sponsored by Adidas. She lives in Pittsburgh and is a high school math teacher. She has represented Team USA around the world on every continent except for Antarctica and Australia. 

In this episode, Elaina talks about her decision to move up to the marathon, what her training has looked like for Boston, being sponsored by Adidas, and so much more!

Photo credit: Justin Britton

Photo from Elaina Tabb

What we talked about:

3:35- Introduction to Elaina

5:25- The decision to move up to the marathon

7:20- Her partnership with Adidas

8:50- Her work as a teacher

15:15- Who she is training with

17:35- Her debut marathon at the Boston Marathon

25:15- Elaina’s experience at the track and field trials

29:35- Training in Pittsburgh

30:45- Representing Team USA

33:40- Her desire to coach

35:15- Goals for the Boston Marathon

37:20- Adidas wanting to have a bigger presence at the 2024 Olympic Marathon Trials

39:00- Elaina’s mindset on race day

39:40- Elaina’s relationship with her coach, Terrance Mahone, and her agent, Mark Wetmore

42:50- Her training heading into Boston

44:25- Where her work ethic comes from

47:45- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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