Episode 122: Amie Kurian and Third Monday in April

Let’s celebrate Women’s History Month by highlighting a woman-owned business, Third Monday in April and creator Amie Kurian.  Amie is the Founder and Designer of Third Monday in April, which is an online run shop created to spread the joy of running and grounded in the belief that running should be a path open to all. She proudly claims her company seeks to put “equality running gear into the world, with a side of Boston” (as in the Boston Marathon!). 

With over 20 years of designing and over 20 marathons under her belt, Amie has declared Third Monday in April her dream job. You might find her sketching new shirt ideas on the shower door, obsessing over fabric samples – all while wondering, once and for all, how many “last marathons” can one person do?

In this episode we talk about how the business got started, the “why” that is even bigger than her original dream, and she shares some incredible insider stories behind Third Monday in April’s Collections. As Amie says, “there are 100 reasons not to do it…” so forget those excuses and enjoy this episode as we illuminate Third Monday in April’s incredible story. 

This episode was hosted by Emmy (@dremmyb).

Show notes:


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