Episode 370: Robby Andrews – 2016 Olympian & 2017 USATF National Champion in the 1500m

Robby Andrews is a 2016 Olympian in the 1500m. He won the USATF Championship in the 1500m in 2017. He went to the University of Virginia and then went on to run professionally with the New York New Jersey Track Club. He is now coached by his UVA coach Jason Vigilante. He is the fiance to Josette Norris! He is one of Josette’s biggest cheerleaders and it was so much fun to hear his excitement about her career in this episode. 

What we talked about:

4:10- Robby’s recent races

7:15- How Robby balances his emotions between watching his fiance’s, Josette, running career take off as he has had a few down years

12:00- What Robby is focusing on now coming back from a few years of injuries

16:10- What he is doing to change his mentality around racing

24:00- Robby’s relationship with his coach

29:35- Robby’s battle with Lyme Disease

40:40- Living in Charlottesville

49:40- His family’s involvement in running

53:10- Interest in coaching

1:02:45- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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Dune by Frank Herbert

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