Episode 121: George Srour, Building Tomorrow (Re-Air episode 1)

Hey friends!! Today we are re-airing our very first episode. If you missed this episode or haven’t listened in awhile I assure you that it will drum up some inspiration for your day today! We hope you enjoy this re-air with social entrepreneur George Srour!

George Srour is the Chief Dreamer for Building Tomorrow, a non-profit organization bringing access to inclusive, transformative education to children in underserved areas.

In this episode we learn about George’s vision for Building Tomorrow and how the dream became a reality after a small fundraiser that turned into something much bigger. I loved to hear about how his parents raised him to be curious about the World and not just the community he grew up in.

George is humble and kind and shares with us about the importance of having a strong team to work alongside of when you are building something great. I am honored to call George my friend and am so thankful I get to share him with you all today!

Show Notes: 

Host: Lindsey Hein

Building Tomorrow

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