Episode 367: Molly Huddle – How She Did It

I caught up with Molly a few months ago. We chatted about her new book that is coming out, How She Did It. Molly is currently expecting her first child and she updates us about how her running is going on this episode! Molly runs for Saucony and is a two-time Olympian. 

Molly has been on the podcast before. She was on episode 151 after she placed 4th at the NYC Marathon. She was also on the podcast back in 2018 after she broke the American Record in the half marathon. 

What we talked about:

3:15- Catching up with Molly

4:10- Her pregnancy

5:50- Deciding to become a mother as a professional athlete

11:15- Watching the Olympics from home in 2021

13:35- Track versus marathon racing

14:10- The Keeping Track podcast

16:25- Molly’s book

22:00- Talking with her sponsors about pregnancy and motherhood

Show notes:

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How She Did It

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